art dance theater artemis ignatiou

how shall i say

Magazine: "CHOROS' number 052
Issued on July - October 2005
Criticism by Anita Vitsilogianni

"How shall I say...!"

From the "ART" dance theater of Artemis Ignatiou.
Theater "Argo" 1-4 of June 2005.

Direction-choreography: Artemis Ignatiou

Costumes - Set: Alexandros Kombogiorgas

Lighting: Giorgos Anestopoulos

Music selection: Artemis Ignatiou

Technical support : Elena Pavlidou

Performers: Panagiotis Garmbis, Aimon Garoufallou, Stefania Gouliotou, Artemis Ignatiou, Irene Kyrmizaki, Maria Mbranidou

Saxophone: David Magaldadge

The new establisment of the "ART" dance company that worked out through the experience of a experianced choreographer, gave us the best impression. The "how shall I say" is a play inspired by Samuel Beckett's text. The influence of one art upon the other was obvious from the beginning.
The writing work of Beckett inspired the creator in order to express her work through the act of dance and hypocretical. The issue is ordinary and simple but at the same time is diachronic. The three phases of woman's life. The puberty (that is dictated from romadicism and the tenderness), the middle age (the period of dispute and self-examination that in some cases comes up to madness) and the mature age (period of knowledge, stability and calmness).

The companion-man appears not only as material but also as an idea, human being and shadow. The choreographic form was based on duetti and trio and there was no tutti. The factors, that are two individuals, did not meet eachother in any phase of the act, pointing out indirectly the lack of communication. The choice of music was also very good. The image of the saxophonist on the stage was one of the most impressive moments. Especially remarcable were the performers of the presentation.