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how shall i say



"How shall I say...!"
Text: S. Beckett

4th Athens Dance Festival

Theater "ARGO"
1 - 4 June 2005

"How shall I say..."

Direction - Choreography: Artemis Ignatiou
Costumes - Set: Alexandros Kombogiorgas
Lighting: Giorgos Anestopoulos
Music selection Artemis Ignatiou
Technical support: Elena Pavlidou

Performers: Panagiotis Garmbis, Aimon Garofallou,
Stefania Gouliotou, Artemis Ignatiou,
Irene Kyrmizaki, Maria Branidou
Saxophone: David Magaldadze
Studio for sound editing: Synchresis
Photographs, poster: Nikos Branidis

The "how shall I say..." is a play based on Samuel Beckett's text: "Movements of soul", "Rock a bye", "How shall I say", "Cascando", "Breath", "Go to and fro".

Samuel Beckett is indisputably one of the best writers of the 20th century and he always remains modern.

His word has power and factuality. The repeat, the wilderness, the memory, the silence and finaly the lack of communication are his subjects.

By working with actors and dancers during the last years, I wanted the transmutation of the word's vibration into movement, to be the purpose of my searching.