5th Athens Dance Festival 2006

Theater “HYTIRIO”
May 11-14, 2006

“Cold water traces”
                        work in progress

Choreography - Direction: Artemis Ignatiou
Music: Stefanos Konstantinidis, dsp Lab
Set and Costumes: Alexandros Kombogiorgas
Lighting: Giorgos Anestopoulos
Video art: Christos Hasapis
Music selection: Artemis Ignatiou
Choreographer’s assistant: Maro Marmarinou
Rehearsal’s reliable: Vanesa Spinasa
Production’s set up: Maro Marmarinou – Vanesa Spinasa
Production:Dance Theater ART– Artemis Ignatiou

Performers: Pavlina Andriopoulou, Sandra Grimma, Anna Daskalou, Gogo Petrali, Vanesa Spinasa

Through the individual’s contact with water, there are traces left behind. Traces that are gradually fade away so as to create new ones. As long as traces exist, there is a path. As long as a path exists there is life. Individual’s path is determined by the traces of the past. Sometimes this ceaseless creation of traces means life and sometimes means obstacle.


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cold water traces