art dance theater artemis ignatiou


Magazine: CHOROS number 40
Issued on winder 2001
Criticism by Tzina Mitropoulou

1-4 of December 2000



Performers: Artemis Ignatiou, Chrysiida Liatziviri, Maria Manioti, Ioanna Parali, Vanessa Spinassa, Thomi Stamouli, Issis Tsamboukou

The dance-games, of Artemis Ignatiou, was the most insouciant, sprightly and dancing part of the evening, since the choreographer presented a work dedicated to her "new born" son, Errico, regarding the movement and thiathesis, she was openly influenced by her new day to day life and thoughts about him. Divided into four parts - four different games: the dice, the shadow game, the jack in the box and the 1-2-3-4, the dance games with attitude full of hope and positive message lead the players - games - dancers in the magical moments of the childwood. Comparing the child's game with a respective dancing one that used the air, the music and the shadow, Artemis Ignatiou made us understand and feel some of the happiness by being a child or by living with a child. With fresh and original movement choices, the choreographer gave "food" to her dancers who appreciated the matter and they extremely designated the work. After this presentation we are looking forward for her next presentation.