art dance theater artemis ignatiou

atmo spheres

summer 1998
Criticism by Tzina Mitropoulou



Choreography: Artemis Ignatiou
Music: John Adams, Steve Reich, Philip Glass
Lighting: Alexandros Anastasiou
Constructions: Studio Mahogany,David Tsezanas
Costumes: Artemis Ignatiou (Maurizio)
Performers: Nikos Doulos, Katerina Pappa, Ioanna Parali, Issis Tsampoukou

THEATER "FACTORY" 1998 -1999

Artemis Ignatiou, has already make a progress in the field of Choreography and teaching. At the performance "ATMOSPHERES" the scine of subjects (props) were used in order to help, if not to lead the spectactor towards a "meaning".The spheres were roll over leaving the dancers behind them, showing possibly, that we are not able to reach the time that goes by, creating at the same time the feeling of the universe (comparing the spheres to heavenly bodies), where the time seems not to exist. The choreography was especially imaginative with prime perfection the time when three women were dancing while they were sitting in a bench - a rest from a continious chase of time, strictly personal moment.The company work very hard and they respect their audience, therefore they could reach the highest level.