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ART Dance Theater Company


                                                             ΤHE PIECE

Light, source of life and energy for the earth, for the environment, for man
Light-energy that we receive from the sun
Light-energy that we create ourselves in order to live
Light-energy that we transmit from our soul
Light traces that we follow, lose and find all over again
Light that flows inside us, our truth, our love, our fear, our life
The light is us


                                                 PERFORMANCE DATA        

Choreographer/Stage Director: Artemis Ignatiou
Musical Composition:   Stefanos Konstantinidis, dsp Lab   
Set Designer: Eudokia Veropoulou
Costumes:  Alexandros Kompogiorgas
Light Designer: Giorgos Anestopoulos
Assistant to the choreographer: Loula Daskalou
Costumes construction:  Kiki Markaki
Set-design construction: Andrian Fluture
Hairstylist: Giorgos Doudesis
Artistic Consultant: Lena Tegopoulou - Oikonomou
Photography:  Haris Akriviadis
Communication: Konstantina Georgelou
Performers: Paulina Andriopoulou, Anna Daskalou, Eugenia Sigalou, Evi Hatzaki

Light Traces is funded by the Natural Mineral Water AYRA by Coca Cola Tria Epsilon
The make-up is sponsored by MAC  

Communication is sponsored by Antivirus