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cold water


The play Cold Water was performed at the 1st Balkan Performing Arts Market in Thessaloniki (2006)

It was also performed at the 10th International Solo Dance Theater Festival of Stuttgart (2006)

and at the 2nd Contemporary Dance Platform at the Athens Megaron Concert Hall (2006)

Cold Water Traces

The vision of the team is the individual’s self awareness on everyday life issues. Through the individual’s contact with water, there are traces left behind. Traces that gradually fade away so as to create new ones. As long as traces exist, there is a path. As long as a path exists there is life. Following the traces we attain our goals.
The individual’s fate is to leave traces behind him. Form and depth of these traces depend always on our contact with the other and the bidirectional influence at each phase of our lives.
We often have the illusion of interference. And we endless fight.
Sometimes we believe that we have accomplished our goal. That we won.
Suddenly, a dead end rises in front of us. If we are lucky, we’ll early realize not that our tries were a waste of time, but what our limits are.
If we’ve actually learned something during this trip, we won’t throw away anything. Traces of the past will guide us. Bitterly, but with the star of optimism above us, as a guideline to our future steps.
My objective is to find out if traces of the past can determine the individual’s trip through life. If this perpetual creation of traces means life or obstacle.
In “Cold Water Traces” will participate 4 dancers in soli, duetti, trio and as an ensemble. A simultaneous projection of video art will be presented, produced specifically for the performance.
Part of “Cold Water Traces” was invited and will be presented in the 10th International Dance-theatre-Festival in Stuttgart Germany, In March 2006.
Artemis Ignatiou