Anastasia Kotsou
art dance theater artemis ignatiou

Anastasia Kotsou was born in Athens in 1983. She studied at the Greek National School of Dance (1992-2000) and graduated from the “Niki Kontaxaki’s Professional Higher Private Dance School’ (2003).
She continued her studies in dance and Pilates, in New York at Gibney Dance (former Dance New Amsterdam) and participated in performances of contemporary dance choreographer with the Maija Garcia.
Since 1997 she is member of the Lighting of the Olympic Flame Team with choreographer Maria Hors, continuing from 2008 to date with choreographer Artemis Ignatiou.
Since 1998 participates in the Lighting and Handover Ceremony of the Olympic Flame (Olympia, Panathenaic Stadium):

  • Nagano, Japan (1998)
  • Sidney, Australia (2000)
  • Salt Lake City, U.S.A. (2002)
  • Athens, Greece (2004)
  • Torino, Italy (2006)
  • Beijing, China (2008)
  • Vancouver, Canada (2010)
  • London, U.K. (2012)
  • Sochi, Russia (2014)
  • 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck, Austria (2012)
  • 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing, China (2014)

She also participated in the Lighting Ceremonies for the European Youth Olympic Festivals at the Panathenaic Stadium and Pnyx, Utrecht (2013), Brasov (2013), Trabzon (2011), Liberec (2011), Tampere (2009), Belgrade (2007), Lignano (2005) and Paris (2003).
Since 2008 collaborates with the group ART DanceTheatre by Artemis Ignatiou and participated in:

  • “MUSES”, Opening Ceremony of 6th Cultural Festival of Beijing for Cultural Olympiad China (2008),
  • “MINOTAUR”, Archaeological Site of Roman Agora, as part of the 11th International Congress on Engineering & Food,, organized by the National Technical University of Athens (2011), 2nd Cultural Festival of Spetses at ‘Bouboulina’s Museum’ (2011), as part of the Rematia-Chalandri Festival (2012) and
  • “AMAZONES”, 4nd Cultural Festival of Spetses at ‘Bouboulina’s Museum’ (2013).

Since 1997 to date she is a key member of the Dance Group of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Athens (Lykeion ton Hellinidon) participating in all performances in Greece and abroad.
Choreographed the performances of Lykeion ton Hellinidon «Tribute to Vassilis’ Tsitsanis», «Choreography Highlights of 1960», « Archaic Forms ».
She also participated in the Chorus of Ocean Nymphs in performance “PROMETHEUS” under the direction o Elias Malandris (Pergamos, Delphi 2010)
Since 2006 she teaches in the Private Dance School of Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Salamis.
As a Pilates Instructor she collaborates with the studios “Art Action”, “Zen Me & Bodyworks” and “Aion”.