Alexandros Kombogiorgas
art dance theater artemis ignatiou

He was born in Athens in 1975.He graduated from Drama School of Arts "Athens Conservatoire"in 1988.
As an actor he had worked for the National Theater of Greece and other theaters,television and cinema.
Also since 1997 he is regular colloborator with Art Dance Theater Company of Artemis Ignatiou as a stage and costume designer in the following perfomances:"Fotoskiaseis-Atmosfaires" in an Industry Area,"Choropaignia"in an Industry Area,"Like the rain"(W.Tenessi)in the 1st Dance Platform at Athens Concert Hall (Megaron),"How shall i say"(S.Bekett) in Argo theater,"Cold Water Traces"in 2nd Dance Platform at Athens Concert Hall (Megaron).
Furthermorin:"The casttest of our Dreams"-theatrical company"Peritexnon"."This big small Sitos Sitarakis(D.Adamis)-theatrical company"Magikes Svoures in Athinais Theater,"Amelia,the fairy of the stars(D.Adamis)-theatrical company Magikes Svoures in Athens Theater,"Windmills for moony travellers"(D.Adamis)-theatrikal company Magikes Svoures in Athens theater,"Entertaining Mr Sloane (Joe Orton) in D.Potamitis theater,"Night Duty"(Marc Merfy) in Modern Theater of Athens-G.Kimoulis.