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Graduated with her first Degree, B. A. (HONS), in Dance/Teaching from the School of Dance Ralou Manou in Athens. Continued her studies with an M. A. in Choreography at Middlesex University in London.

Also, she attend classed, workshops and seminars at JerwoodSpace, Greenwich Dance Agency, The Place, Moving East from the most leading choreographers and dancers in Europe.

The same period starts her professional experience as dancer, choreographer and teacher. As a dancer, she has worked together with Greeks and foreigners choreographers in Greece, London, China and Portugal. As a teacher, she has teached in Finchley Ballet School, Middlesex University, Lampiry School, K. Rodiou Dance School and the Professional Dance School S. Katsouli. 
She has also been founder of the Dance School, Spyridoula and Anna Daskalou since 2007. 
Moreover, she has collaborated with Artemis’s Ignatiou ART DanceTheatre as assistant choreographer in Contemporary Dance Festivals in Greece and Cyprus (Megaron Mousikis, 10th European Dance Festival of Cyprus- Limassol). As member of ART Dance Company participated, in the Opening Ceremony of the 6th Cultural Festival of Beijing for Cultural Olympiad China 2008 and at “Olympic Education Day “,a reviving of the history of the first Modern Olympic Games of 1896 in Kallimarmaro Stadium.

Priestess of the Lighting and Handover Ceremony of the Olympic Flame, since 2008: Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012, 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games “Innsbruck 2012”, 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games “Nanjing 2014”.